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Directly managed factory   “Tadafusa Factory Shop”

◎Sales of knives

We mainly prepare for home use, for professional use and soba cutting knife etc. We have manufactured various types of knives so far, so feel free to contact us if you are looking for something.
(Unfortunately, it is not a duty free shop)

If you purchase it at the Tadafusa Online Shop, you can also deliver it to a hotel while in Japan. Please fill in details in the remarks column of the order screen. sorry.Japanese display only

→ Foreign dealer

◎Sharpening the kitchen knife

Sharpening the kitchen knife in use at home is also accepted. (Other company products are also acceptable)
We will sharpen them in the same process as when new products are manufactured, so we can regain comfortable sharpness. If you are a general household knife, the same day delivery is also possible, so please do not hesitate to consult us.



■Address: 27-16 Higashi Honjoji, Sanjo-city, Niigata

☆It is convenient to use a taxi from JR Tsubamesanjo station (Sanjo exit).About 15 minutes

Car rental is also near the station. ※10 car parking spaces

■Telephone: 0256-32-2184


Contact us

Facebook: @tadafusa.sanjo.japan

Instagram: @tadafusa_knives

Google: 庖丁工房 タダフサ

Tripadvisor: 庖丁工房タダフサ Factory Shop [Sanjo,JAPAN]


■Opening hours:

[Monday – Saturday] 9: 00-17: 00

[Regular holiday] Sunday  (New Year’s holidays & Summer holiday closed / temporary closure available)

※There are occasions when business closure and business hours change may occur without prior notice due to various circumstances

☆If you wish to visit the factory, please contact us in advance. Guide in English is also possible.
There is a possibility that we can not guide you on the day.

☆We also have MAP of nearby sightseeing facilities and observable factories.

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Company Profile

・Company name: Tadafusa co.,ltd.
・Foundation: 1948
・Representative: President, Tadayuki Sone
・Major operation: Integrated manufacturing industry of hand-made forged knives for home and professional use
・Location: 27-16,Higashihonjoji,Sanjo-city, 955-0823,Niigata,JAPAN  Contact us Facebook Instagram Google Tripadvisor

※There is a person in charge of speaking English in Tadafusa.If you would like to have our factory tour of English ver.,please contact with us. It is for a small group though.