Since 1948, we have made knives by the combination of craftsmanship and some machines, which require skills and experience to use. The cutting edge of our knives is made of carbon steel, not stainless steel. This means that the knives are sharp and hold a long edge retention. We make knives for both professional and home use. Our knives are loved not only in Japan but also all over the world.

【梨地 Nashiji】Blue paper steel #2 stainless steel clad

Nashiji is a Japanese style blade finish which looks like Japanese pear skin. It is done by hand-forge and therefore every blade has different pattern. You can see the uniqueness of Japanese culture on each one of them. It is one of our popular finishes.
Blue paper steel (the core steel) is basically white steel with the addition of chromium and tungsten. The blades become harder and its sharp edge lasts longer by adding chromium and tungsten. It is used for high-end knives.

【黒打 Kurouchi】Blue paper steel #2 stainless steel clad

Quench hardening makes the steel hard, and therefore it is one of the most important processes to make sharp knives. Kurouchi finish means that the black oxide film is left on the blade purposely at the process. It is a cool blacksmith finish and would be more resistant to rust than Migaki/Polish finish.

【鎚目 Tsuchime】Hitachi SLD steel stainless steel clad

Each blacksmith has its own Tsuchime pattern. Our Tsuchime is based on geometric diamond pattern, which has been familiar from ancient times in Japan.
Hitachi SLD steel has more chromium than carbon steel such as blue paper steel or white paper steel, which means that it is more resistant to rust. Also, it holds a sharp edge and a long edge retention because of the hardness and toughness. It is popular steel for kitchen knives in Japan.

【Other products】Some items are currently not available.

Damascus blue paper steel #2 soft iron clad
青紙鋼 ダマスカス

Cable Damascus blue paper steel #2 soft iron clad
黒打 青紙鋼 ワイヤーダマスカス

Black finish white paper steel #2 soft iron clad
黒打 白紙鋼 極軟鉄

Polish finish blue paper #2 steel stainless clad
磨き 青紙鋼 ステンレス

Hammer-tone finish SLD steel stainless steel clad
鎚目 日立SLD鋼 ステンレス

Polish finish SLD steel stainless steel clad
磨き 日立SLD鋼 ステンレス

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