Correct use

The Hocho is for food preparation only, not for other uses. Read the instructions carefully before use, and always take care when using. Some Japanese knives are bigger than Western ones and may feel unfamiliar. Japanese knives are made from carbon steel – the blades are more brittle than most western knives and must be handled carefully during use, washing and storing.

【Before using】ご使用の前に
Do not touch the sharp edge of the blade. 刃先を素手で直接触らないでください。
Keep away from children. 子供の遊び道具にしないでください。
Keep away from fire and other heat. 火気に近づけないでください。
Handle carefully. 乱暴に扱わないでください。
Do not cut frozen food. 冷凍食材には使用しないで下さい。
Do not use for purposes other than food preparation. 記載以外の用途では使用しないでください。

【Preparation before using】使用前の準備
Before using for the first time, wash the blade with a neutral detergent, using a soft sponge, and rinse and dry well.
Hand wash only – do not use in the dishwasher.
Make sure whether there is a lack of the edge and the gap between the edge and the grip or not.



When preparing soft food such as leafy vegetables, use a cut and pull action, drawing the knife towards your body.

Hold the knife straight and cut with the tip and the upper part of the blade. The knife lasts longer this way.

When preparing hard food such as pumpkin, use both hands, pressing down on the blade for more power.

Hold the knife straight and cut with the tip and the upper part of the blade. The knife lasts longer this way.

Hold the handle firmly and always use on a chopping board (ideally wooden not plastic).

For cutting bones use a heavy weight Deba style knife.

Do not use as a chopper – the blade might chip.

When cutting tough food, press down on the back of the knife for extra weight, using a folded cloth for cushioning.

Never cut on stone or metal work surfaces.

Do not heat the blade – it can cause permanent damage.

Keep the handle away from heat and do not soak in water, as it can swell and crack.

Always supervise children in the kitchen.

【Regular maintenance】普段のお手入れ
After using, hand wash, dry well, and store carefully.

Take extra care cleaning after using with salty or acidic food.

Do not clean in the dishwasher.

Sharpen regularly, at least every three months.

【Long term storage】保管方法(長時間ご使用にならない場合)
Wrap in newspaper or cloth and store in a dry, dark place.

Store well away from children.

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